Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's New with E-Rate - DeLilah Collins

CRN - consultants registration number
SPN - Service Provider Number

For priority 1 services, you don't need a tech plan; however, you need on for priority 2 (such as building new infrastructure, etc.

Eligible Services

Leased dark fiber eleigble for discount. Support as priority 1 from any provider. On your property.

Web hosting
Add blogfing and discussion boards are now eligble

GPS of any kind are not eligible.

CIsco smartnet - some of these warranties, etc are eligible.

For CUPS, you must have a internet safety policy, as well as educational items that cam go in the actual policy - you DON'T have to teach classes.

Read paragraph 20 regarding how an entity that doesn't already have this policy, and what must be done to use it for CIPA (public meetings, etc).


You cannot accept ANY gift from a service provider. Also, no trainga, either. The training must be hosted by a non-provider. 303.866.6850