Monday, January 25, 2010

Library Day in the Life, 2010: Day 1

Our library and community is a very small rural community... We do it all, none of us have MLSs, and we are all part time - including our director.

I do a lot from home.... Today, that's where I am! So, you'll also be hearing some of the other things I do during the day while I work from home - MAJOR multi-tasking!

Morning Email Reading and Responding

Second Life SLL Promotion - LibNet and Alliance Library Google group

Sent out a letter from the Parents Committee of the school

Talked on the phone to my sister and mother

Made some oatmeal and watched Monsters vs. Aliens with Mr. 3.

Worked on our HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)system's remote connection. I and two other staff members log into the system computer each day to check for any alerts within the entire building system. We need to do this each day for the first year of operation of our new green library building.

Wrote and submitted Library News article to our local paper, Mancos Times.

Spoke with the Snow Shoveling team we hired to clean the 3 feet of snow from our rooftop and garage.

Made up weekly menu and created a grocery shopping list.

Began presentation background work for CLiC Spring Workshops. Sent email to my three other co-presenters. (4 presenters!? Yes, sounds like a lot, but we're doing a half-day session in a computer lab... Our very hands-on session will provide 4 avenues for our attendees to learn!) We will be presenting on the new Colorado Libraries 2.0 Project - which is a new state-wide program to teach librarians how to use and teach their patrons about web 2.0 tools (similar to Helene Blowers' 23 Things.)

IMd in Facebook with a patron, and answered their questions about posting pics in FB.

Picked up Mr. 5 from preschool and went grocery shopping.

After that, I was pretty much in family and Mama mode...