Tuesday, February 26, 2008

CLiC Spring Workshops - Customized Search Engines

Customized Search Engines at Your
Paul Betty

CLiC Spring Workshops - Outreach & Marketing

Outreach & Marketing to New Audiences
Bonnie McCune,
Panelists: Annette Choszczyk, David Nelson, Marianne

CLiC Spring Workshop - Better than a Band-Aid

Better than a Band-Aid: Government
Health Resources in the 21st Century
Jamie Walker

Monday, February 25, 2008

CLiC Spring Workshop - Colo

Colorado Library Innovators: Closer
than You Think
Sharon Morris, (Panel Moderator) with Becky Johnson,
Anne Knipe, and Nancy Trimm.

CLiC Spring Workshop - Integrating the Right Technology for Your Library

Using Your Head: Integrating the Right
Technology for Your Library
Presenters: Jim Duncan and Debbi MacLeod

CLiC Spring Workshop, Library 2…OH!

Library 2…OH! Now I Get It: Practical
Applications of 2.0 Tools
Presenter: Shelly Drumm