Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CALCON09 Session Notes I: Keynote - Lee Raine of the Pew Institute

Lee Raine - New Information Ecology
Friday, 20 Nov 09 - Opening Keynote

Talked about Twitter

"Tweckle" - to abuse a speaker only to twitter followers

46% adults use internet
5% get broadband @ home
50% use cell
0% connect wirelessly
= slow stationary connections built around my computer

77-79% adults use Internet
63% get broadband @ home
85% use cell
54-56% connect wirelessly
2/3 of all use cloud
=fast mobile connections built around outside servers and storage

47% adults own laptops - up from 30% in '06

How digital tech has changed things for your patrons and their networking behaviour

  • Variety of information and sources of information grow
  • Velocity of information increases and smart mobs emerge (Howard Rheingold, Clay Shirky)
  • Venues of intersecting with information and people multiply and the availability of information expands to all hours of the day and all places we are (nielsen company)
  • People's Vigilance for information changes in two directions 1. attention is truncated (Linda Stone) 2. attention is elongated (Andrew Keen; Terry Fisher) (Andrew Keen: The Cult of the Amateur - book)
  • The Vibrance and immersive qualitites of media environments makes them more compelling places to hang out and interact - metaverse roadmap project 1. virtual worlds, 2. mirror worlds. 3. augmented reality (most vitality right now)
  • Valence (relevance) of information improves - search and customization
  • The Voice of information democratizes and the visibility of new creators is enhanced. Identitiy and privacy change

31% of adult internet users have rated a person product or service online

social networks become more vivid and meaningful. Media-making is part of social networking. 'Networked Individualism' takes hold. Barry Wellman