Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cell Phone Fail

Well, for the first time today I attempted to transfer pictures taken on my phone, to my computer. I've never had a phone that takes pictures (Remember: Rural), so I've never had the joy of transferring pics.

Joy?!? Total FAIL.

Here's Why:

  • No USB - What?!?

  • Phone does Not Automatically Save to Micro Disk - I went through the process of taking out my micro SD card, putting it in the larger SD adapter, finally found the removeable memory... No pictures! Duh.

  • No Mass Move - There is no option on my phone to move pictures to the micro disk all at once. You. must. move. each picture. individually. Ouch.

  • 4 Pics to a Screen - I have 157 pictures on my camera (Yes, I have been procrastinating, my bad.). To remove the pictures, one by one, I must scroll through Multiple screens of 4 pictures each. Double Ouch!

  • TIME! - It took me about 1/2 hour to transfer 23 pictures. Wah.

  • Attention Drain - I'm used to multitasking. I Deal. But with the image to card transfer so labor intensive, I'm working with just one hand. I get distracted. This is not a good thing.

  • No Dating of Images - Again, what?!?

Enough of the rant. Now that I have gotten this far with the pictures, I have to put them to some use. *Sigh* ;-P

Photo: Thanks, CNET!