Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chrome as Feng Shui

The thing I like best about the new Google Chrome is it's sleekness. Very subtle. Very feng shui.


  • Combined Seach and Address Bar - Called the omnibar, type in a web address to directly visit a website OR type in search terms for a Google search page. Benefit: One place to go for two tasks, less clutter in the top toolbar.

  • Minimalist Toolbar - Just a few buttons along the top let you do everything you need. Benefit: Less clutter on the top means a bigger viewing screen.

  • One Click Away from Your Frequent Pages - Whenever you open a new tab, instead of seeing a blank page,links and page views of your top visited pages appear. Benefit: Open a new tab, and click where you need to go! No need for multiple 'home pages'.

Yes, I miss my add-ons. Especially my Fiend Feed Google Reader and Twitter tabs, and my Delicious/Diigo buttons. But the overall minimalist design and the built-in features of the browser make this a browser one to keep; less distractions and ease of use will increase the good energy in your happiness corner.