Wednesday, August 20, 2008

“Victoria Needs…” A Funny Meme to Try

"It’s easy. Just Google “Yourname + Needs” and copy out the first ten instances of the phrase." Thanks to UberNoggin and her mom for this fun little game.

1. Victoria needs major traffic overhaul
2. Victoria Needs A New Boob Job Tour
3. Victoria needs miracle-maker
4. Victoria needs a loan of 2500 soles
5. Victoria Needs Wind Power
6. Victoria needs more medical school places
7. Victoria needs a permanent fighter
8. Victoria needs a new everything
9. Victoria Needs a Room Mate
10. Victoria needs to wake up already

lol, pretty comical.


Anonymous said...

I was trying this exercise with my name, Victoria. This post came up in the first 10 results.

Victoria said...

Wow! I have not tried the meme since I originally posted this... Thanks for pointing it out!! :)

Tor said...

Ahahahaa same here.
And apparently we STILL need a major traffic overhaul most of all (depsite that being a 2005 news story), a boob job tour, a permanent fighter on our side, and of course wind power LOL.
I am surpried, and a little disappointed, at how little it has changed.

Victoria said...



Victoria said...

I typed in on Google and this is what came up...Creepy.