Thursday, September 22, 2011

SW Days 2011 - Session 1: Videooohs and Ahhhs, Paul Betty - reliable information from Ivy League and other unversities and colleges.

Playlists in YouTube (and then subscribing to channels)... For instance, on a Harry Potter fansite, they could create a playlist of all the HP trailers, and place that on their site. You can rearrange your playlist at any time, and even add special notes to videos in the playlist.

In filter and explore, you can search other people's playlists on your same topic - one way to find new related videos.

To play only certain portions of a video - (start at a desinated point in the video)

add to the URL: #t=03m22s

Looping a video - add & loop=1

A thirdparty option for creating playlists: embedr - ex:

Can be a little slow at times...

Video Content Creation: Screen Capture (desktop)

Jing = instant screenshots and screencasts!!! FREE!

When you use jing, you automatically get a free screencast account (free hosting for the jing screencast)

Jing + (a free version of camtasia)

Screenr - Screen Capture in the cloud - screencasts for Twitter. You can add captions throughout the video., another screen capture in the cloud.

Both of these let you download in MP4 format (a good choice moving forward).

HTML5: the