Monday, October 11, 2010

MPL has Received a BTOP Grant!!

Finally, a project that will get me blogging!!

The Mancos Public Library has received notice that we have been awarded grant monies to total $23,571 for new technology in the Library!

Earlier this year, February to be exact, we were notified by the Colorado State Library (CSL) that they were organizing a state-wide opportunity to apply for a federal BTOP grant for Public Computing Centers in Colorado. The Mancos Library District was identified as a district that has a low income population, as well as low Broadband/Internet opportunities, and would qualify to apply for BTOP funds through the CSL grant.

While at the Annual Colorado Association of Libraries Conference (#CALCON10), I spoke with Sharon Morris, CSL, and she informed me that the State BTOP grant came through! As a result of their efforts, 76 libraries in the state will receive a total of $3.3 Million for technology!

We will find out more information in the weeks ahead, and I look forward to sharing this information, and the process, with you!